December 3, 2013 8:55 pm

  The powerful combination in all three of Nubian’s Black Soap formulas has been used for years as an alternative approach for healing skin aliments/issues/problems.




African Black Soap has been traditionally used to treat eczema, acne, oily/dry skin, and dark marks. If you are happy with your skin and see no imperfections this amazing lather will help you successfully maintain your complexion.

Honestly, I don’t care how good your body is looking– your skin needs to be a priority..

                Within the first few washes you will notice increased moisture retention, complimenting your new found- smooth and glowing skin. This lather helps balance out dark marks on any part of the body- from head to toe.

               The prevailing complex of shea, oats, aloe and vitamin e and much more – gives your skin the ultimate cleansing and detoxification treatment. The shea helps to hydrate the skin while the palm ash and papaya enzyme extracts- aid in restoring skin balance. Together the ingredients work  to heal imperfections.

 I have been using  the bar for over a year now, and it has helped me fade out the -“here today and gone tomorrow” -dark circles under my eyes too.

               Not only am I enjoying the new compliments I am getting on my complexion, but also the great smell. The scent is amazing and it appeals to both guys and girls…

                 When combined with the lotion the results are untouchable and in my opinion unfair to other companies! I had low expectations for this soap, there are so many nonsense products out on the market promising “everlasting skin” (whatever that means)..- its difficult to put your trust in one.

I never really cared too much about the soap I was using… my parents bought the 20 packs of Dove and I was good to go..BUT..Nubian (company name) made me a believer.. their black soap is the truth!

     No excuses a bar of A.B.S  costs less than $5 bucks….

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