November 20, 2013 3:13 pm


Liquid Gold


Take a gulp in the right direction!

Fish Oil Liquid is an absolute MUST HAVE for any and every health and fit advocate.This is a product I make sure I am neverwithout. I choose the liquid over the soft gels for a few simple reasons.

The absorption rate of the liquid is far superior to that of the soft gels. Most individuals I speak with only take 1-2 soft gels a day! This makes me go crazy; you might as well not take any fish-oil at all and save yourself the time and money. By the time you swallow the soft gels and they start getting to work in your stomach, you are already jeopardizing a great deal of the benefits they have in store for you. The soft gels, soon after oral consumption, begin to break down and digest in our stomachs, and that is why we get that disgusting fish-tasting burp! Liquid rarely does this to us, it quickly disperses and does not require as much “work” from the body to digest. Liquid Gold hits our blood stream at a rapid rate with much higher dosage quantities. Soft gels simply cannot pack the potency punch that the liquid can. Everywhere I go, I see health companies using the great marketing tactic of putting”1,000 mg of Omega 3’s”on the front label. Do not be fooled.Turn the bottle around and look for the two critical health components in the fish-oil. EPA & DHA.

Get Hooked:

Proper amounts of EPA & DHA can aid in almost every aspect of our health, from hair, skin, and nails, to joint inflammation and lubrication..

Dry scalp, eczema, and psoriasis? We all know someone who suffers from these 3 terrors. My own father was diagnosed with scalp psoriasis. After not seeing any results with medicated cream, fish oil came to the rescue, slowing the abnormal skin replication process which allowed his sclap to heal.

When constant trauma is being set onto our muscles and jointshealthy fats are imperative! That’s great news for those of us with loved ones suffering from arthritic pain. With the high amounts of DHA in Carlson’s Liquid Fish Oil it enhances ourcognitive function. It is said that our brains are made up of anywhere from 60-70% fatty acids. Fish Oil is 100% of a fatty acid! This makes it an excellent choice for boosting our brain’s function. It can aid in memory, recall, and focus. Fish oil consumption helps to significantly increase the levels of serotonin in the body – the king of your “feel good” hormones. This is especially important for individuals suffering from anxiety and depression.

WOW! IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER. Liquid Gold helps to give other nutrients and supplements we take the opportunity to be utilized in a much more efficient manner by enhancing absorption (bioavailability). The anti-aging properties of fish oil are not common knowledge to many, but fish oil lubricates the tips of our Telomeres (on the white blood cells). Telomeres reside on the ends of our chromosomes; as they shorten, we age and vice versa. Fish oil slows the shortening process of these rod-like structures and allows them to stay intact for a longer period of time. Maybe we have finally found the fountain of youth!

Fish Oil is the heart’s favorite drink. From lubricating the walls of our heart to ensuring maximum blood flow, this liquid gold gives a great one-two punch for balancing cholesterol levels and reducingblood pressure risks.

Fish Oil helps ward away the fat from your lower abdominals and improves overall muscle functionality.

Stay Hooked:

Carlson’s Liquid Fish Oil is my #1 brand choice. The lemon flavor is my unequivocal favorite. I take one tablespoonEVERYmorning upon waking up. OMEGA-3 fatty acids are essential when on the quest to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. It has personally helped reduce pain in my left knee and shoulder. As a college student it is my absolute go to formula for memory and recall, especially when studying for exams. In short…if I can say that haha, this stuff is absolutely terrific; I honestly can’t help but pity anyone who does not have this in their arsenal.

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