December 1, 2013 5:05 pm


           Exercise junkies are always looking for the next best “pre-workout” supplement to help increase their pumps, stabilize focus, and improve their overall exercise capacity. However, I have a huge issue with many pre-workout formulas that are out on the market today. The majority are filled with body-altering chemicals; ranging from unsafe proportions of herbs to a slew of nasty added ingredients. It’s always the same situation: you pick up a bottle, look at it, the label looks ridiculously awesome! You turn it around,“Yeah that looks good! oh…I’ll just use one scoop…maybe every other day.” That would be cool if we actually stuck by our initial intentions…but that’s not fun, right? Absolutely not!

We rapidly become addicted to the sick pump and insane focus these pre-workouts instantly help us harness. But wait…now you are two weeks in and 1 scoop no longer gives you the same results, you are starting to crave more, and your body is no longer reacting the way it did last week. Over time, you no longer get this insane euphoric feeling. Your new found alpha male mentality and focus has diminished and you are now taking 2-3 scoops to obtain the results you need, crave, obsessively desire.

           MOST PRE-WORKOUTS are POISONOUS to your health on a physical level as well as psychological. What you are doing is feeding your body artificial ”adrenaline.” Your body begins to become lazy“Hey, if you’re going to do this for me, why do I have to work on manufacturing adrenaline and energy anymore?!” says the body.

The body then begins to work at a much less efficient pace and soon becomes completely reliant on an external source of energy – your pre-workout. You will soon begin to crash and over time debilitate your ability to recover/rebound from the damage. Mentally, you become addicted to and infatuated with the feeling the pre-workout has given you, and you no longer feel satisfied without it….you can’t risk your newly developed veins that everyone has been complimenting you on AND your focus is at its fucking peak! What do you do? How do you keep physical health intact and also reap the same benefits without jeopardizing – potentially DESTROYING – your body’s ability to produce its own adrenaline and energy in an efficient manner…

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