Wheat Grass Wonders: 8 Grass Stains You’ll Want to Keep!

December 9, 2013 3:27 pm

wheat grass

Grass Stains You’ll Want to Keep

              Every morning I have one tablespoon of Green Food’s Organic and Raw Wheat Grass. I mix it into 6 oz of water or simply add it to my fruit and vegetable smoothie. This product is impressive, the natural energy and “feel good” effects I harness from just 1 tablespoon makes me a believer in the grass. I think you’ll find some of its other benefits even better!

Chlorophyll- Rebuild &Replenish – Packed with this amazing substance, did you know that chlorophyll’s composition makes it almost identical to our blood composition.
Oxygenates – Possibly my favorite benefit– When consistent with Wheat Grass, it begins to oxygenate your cells and create an anti-cancer environment. I know  this sounds like a big claim to make, but the science is simple: when the body is oxygenated and pH is balanced, cancer cells have a difficult time thriving!!
Alkalinizes the body – balances out pH levels- I did a pH urine and saliva test, and after just 4 days my pH drastically improved.
Energy –  keeps you in a positive, charismatic (that might just be me) mood all day! No groggy low points! aka- I fell asleep less in class.

Detoxifying to the internal body – including your blood and lymph glands, rids your body of harmful toxins that leech onto your quality of life.
Antioxidants – neutralizes free radicals, reducing the natural aging process!
Digestion – Enzymes – Aids in the process of breaking down nutrients, allowing them to be more bioavailable (absorbable) over time, this means better utilization of the food you ingest.
Hair, Skin, and Nails – If you’re absorbing more nutrients, as stated in the previous bullet, then it only makes sense that the benefits will eventually become noticeable to others! Thicker and longer hair, healthy-looking skin, and increase in the density and growth rate of nails (this part kind of got annoying for me).

I recommend starting with 1/2 a tablespoon the first few times you try Wheat Grass, to ensure you have no adverse reactions, or stomach issues when initially trying the product.


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