November 20, 2013 3:13 pm


Eggs are a staple in American cuisine. From a deliciously nutritious breakfast food to creating most of our baked indulgences, eggs are the food of choice.

Many of us look upon theyolk as if it is a poisonous death sentence. The risk of heart disease is a tremendously growing epidemic, and high cholesterol fears have infested the brains of most individuals – health-conscious or not. Cardiovascular and heart abnormalities are the #1 leading cause of death in the United States (NOT CANCER). The absolute fact of the matter is, your heart can be at risk whether your blood panels show high levels of cholesterol or not!

The solution is healthy lifestyle choices in regards to food consumption and a dedicated EXERCISE regimen.
The Key to an Eggcellent Approach is simply: Moderation!

Lets get cracking!

Yolk’d Up
Egg yolks contain many essential vitamins and minerals that are just not found in the egg white. For example, 3 fat-soluble helpers: D, E, and K. How many of us have had our Vitamin D levels tested and were not up to par?! Well, the yolk is one of the few foods we have access to that is a natural source of Vitamin D. Eliminating yolks also means you’re settling for an unbalanced amino acid profile and altering the overall nutrient bioavailability of the egg entirely. In essence, you are severely limiting the total nutrient absorption – THEY NEED EACH OTHER!

Cholesterol Craze!

YES! Yolks are packed with cholesterol and do contain saturated fat. However, they are also packed with amazing nutrients. The good fats in a yolk can be compared to the DHA content in fish oil, assuring brain support and reducing inflammation.

The yolks contain much more concentrated amounts of minerals and our essential B vitamins as well. Specifically, great amounts of Choline, which we can graciously thank for enhancing function in our brain, liver, nervous system, and much more.

Antioxidant Power House

The yolk contains significant amounts of two aggressive free radical scavengers: Lutein & Zeaxanthin. They are especially appreciated for the role they plan in maintaining proper eye health.

Cracking Down

There are many benefits to incorporating egg yolks into your life. The white and yolk of an egg complement each others’ nutritional value – increasing the overall absorption potential.
Practice self-education and be confident in the decisions you make regarding your food intake.

Stay Motivated