November 20, 2013 3:12 pm

Your diet will account for 60-80% of the results in obtaining a progressive physique. The rest is exercise- no bullshit fat burning pills, no waist trimming bands, or magic rub to help you sweat.

The word “diet” sets your brain up for a temporary fix. I like to replace that word with “LIFESTYLE CHANGE”. If you’re striving for a great physique only for the external factors, wait till you feel the internal benefits your mind, body, and heart will reap.

Here are some food tips to cut the time down on how long it takes to achieve your flat stomach and chiseled abs.

  1. 1) Ditch Dairy – It is an antagonist for inflammation and causes under-the-skin bloat. This lifestyle change has worked absolute wonders for myself and many of those who have done the same.
  2. 2) Go Against the Grain – Limit your grain intake. I am in no way promoting “zero carbs.” Instead, ingest your carbs from fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Carbohydrates are extremely important for ATP (Energy) production and should never be neglected. We are just altering the sources they are coming from, improving the quality of your ingestion!
  3. 3. Lemon Water – Start and End your day with lemon water. After being stagnant for 6-8 hours during sleep, you need to hydrate your cells and kick-start your metabolism. Your immune and digestive tract will also benefit from implementing this easy lifestyle change.

I will be writing up a much more thorough post on these 3 Lifestyle Changes, going more in-depth and adding to the list.

Use this in conjunction with my Abs on Demand post for best results!

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