Married, Fit & Almost Fifty

August 3, 2014 3:53 pm

Awesome Job! Way to push through, that was great!” I exclaimed.

“Eh, yeah, pretty good for a 50-year-old I guess,” said Scott 

The truth is, yeah, that last set of 10 hanging leg raises was pretty good for a 50-year-old, and a 40-year-old, 30-year-old, and maybe even 20-year-old too.

Scott is preparing not only for his wedding that is in less than 8 days, but also for his long life ahead. Just for the record: Scott is not 50 just yet, hes 46 years old, but when you hear him speaking about his age in the gym he rounds up to 50…because he can.

I have been training Scott for the past 8 weeks, and he has given me a whole new insight into training those so called “middle-aged” individuals.

Forget me, though – Scott is an inspiration to all who watch him during his workouts at The Transform Fitness.

“I feel younger than when I started” says Scott.

What motivated you to finally start exercising and holding yourself accountable for your health?

Scott: You know, I didn’t want to look 50, and I saw no reason why I had to. I started to see it in the mirror, my face, my body, over the last year more than ever – I have been going through about a year of contemplating. With my wedding approaching this summer, I knew I wasn’t happy with the way I looked. Your dad dropped off one of your flyers in my store and I saw it as a sign. I needed to enlist some help, I was eager to find some direction.

What was holding you back initially?

Scott: I was lost, I went into this whole thing lost, I needed some direction. At my age, I had no clue where to start, and it seemed impossible. I was never into health and fitness, not even too many sports as a kid. Again, I really just needed that direction and a push to get going.

What would you tell someone your age looking to make the change?

Scott: Take that first step. It seems difficult, and it is, but when you put it into perspective and look at the big picture, you are not really as intimidated anymore. This was something I needed to do, we all need to. I’m no different – I just made the decision to do it; there is really no special answer, I had no other choice.

Was changing your eating habits difficult, and how did a new look on nutrition play a role?

Scott: Being self-employed and owning a deli/catering business, I thought I had no shot of eating better. With a guided nutrition plan, it was not as difficult as I thought – and now I’m finally realizing just how poor the food choices were that I was making. I needed that help. On a whole, the better food changed the way I walked, talked, and felt – everything about me was better.

What really kept you coming back each week? Waking up at 3:30 am, running your business till 4 pm, then training at 5 pm? That’s a hustle anyone can respect. 

Scott: I liked the workouts, each week was different. I can’t remember ever doing the same thing more than once – I was excited to come and see what was next. I felt challenged but never concerned with the week before. I never had to beat last week because each week was a new start, but my goal was always the same.

But where did you find the energy?

Scott: First, honestly your motivation really pushed me beyond my expectations. The results got me addicted in a good way, I needed to see a change. The whole experience is really more than I thought it would have ever been.

Ha Ha! I love it. Share your proudest moment, when you finally realized “Okay, this is working!”

Scott: When my 17-year-old son finally admitted that he saw a change in me, I loved it. It became a family affair, and now my son and I were competing with who could bench press more weight. It took him a good month to say something, but when the compliment came, it felt great!

If you didn’t know how old you were, what number would you guess?

Scott: Let’s just say this: I don’t feel like your typical 50-year-old; I definitely have a bit more confidence now.

(You’re 46, Scott…not 50.)

What are you the happiest with in regards to making exercise a priority? 

Scott: Everything, really. New health, new body, new outlook. You know, my wedding is basically a destination wedding — I am going to be by the pool for a few days and I don’t have to worry about being embarrassed with having no shirt on. Little things like that make a big difference.

Ok, here we go! What newfound muscles are you most excited to show off? …I think I know this answer.

Scott: Definitely my chest. It’s the the chest I never had (a lot of laughs). My tuxedo jacket fits great.

What sticks with you in your mind most about our sessions together?

Scott: It amazes me how in the beginning, 35 minutes into our hour session I was done, that was enough for me, but now sometimes I feel like 60 minutes isn’t even enough. I love it – I am getting better, but the workouts are still just as tough…

“Good, good, we’re getting there; I definitely feel it” Scott says as he trails off looking down at his chest with a subtle yet confident smile.  

After our 30’s we statistically start to see quite a decline in simple body functions, as well as rising concerns to maintain the health and vitality you once felt in your earlier years. What Scott has decided to do is change the course of his body’s time clock. His concerns for high blood pressure, cholesterol, joint pain, muscle ache, and fatigue are no longer a helpless thought – yet one that he is fighting and combating head on.

Update: This is a throwback to a blog article that I wrote on August 3rd 2014 – Happy Birthday to Scott who is now 50 years old and thriving with his Deli Catering business Noni’s Of Scarsdale.

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