No Cottage Cheese Please… 6 K.O. Punches to Win the Fight Against Cellulite!

June 10, 2014 12:36 pm

If you are looking to start a conversation in a room full of women, the only word you have to mention is the ever-dreaded and notorious “CELLULITE.”

Whether you consider yourself overweight, out of shape, thin, or fit — the clumpy fact remains — you can still suffer from cellulite no matter your size or shape.

We see a continuing epidemic in America of not only overweight individuals but something even worse — terribly unhealthy ones. Being unhealthy is not just measured by weight – the size of your body is no longer the only determining factor to whether or not you are in a balanced state of physical health.

Now more than ever, we seem to find even thin women complaining about the never ending plague of cellulite.

We live in a culture of cellulite anxiety. However, we (men and women) aren’t always making the best choices.

We choose to park in the closest spot possible when going grocery shopping, take the elevator before the stairs in our office building, and drive down the block instead of walking or jogging.

It’s time to trade in your oversize pants and t-shirt for shorts and a bikini this summer.

I say this as an analogy. So, pump the breaks to the people reading this thinking wow how vain. Look, bottom line – if you are truly truly comfortable in your own skin no matter what the situation then that is beautiful- seriously- that is amazing.

But I like to hold my clients to higher standards because I know just how capable they are at achieving amazing results to make their dream body a reality.

Trust me, I hold myself to these standards too – I often look at myself in the mirror and think -“nope, you can do better”

That isn’t from a stance of negativity or putting myself down.. it’s just giving myself a nudge and saying nah man! you are capable of doing more Frankie.


The appearance of these unwanted dimples vary in severity from woman to woman and even man to man! But this one is for our ladies.

The issue is that it is human to often seek “band aid”-type treatments to cover up or mask this issue, but the origin of the problem is much deeper than we think. C

Current fad suction and freeze treatments and topical lotions are simply just scratching the surface of our skin -pun intended 😀

An internal approach is what you need to radically improve the embarrassing and clumpy truth of cellulite.

So lets chill out with some of the creams and lotions and break down these 6 cellulite sizzlers.


Being comfortable with yourself and confident in your skin is always a win. However, let’s be honest — no matter who you may be, there is always room for education, and through knowledge comes improvement. Remember you can’t be physically health without first finding mental health. Neither are easy, however it’s a journey that is so well worth it.


1. H2O to Go


One of the simplest and best ways to reduce cellulite is to dramatically increase your water intake. Add some lemon and lime to boost the speed in which you see these results. Water flushes out unwanted toxins built up in all areas of the body, and it hydrates your skin, thickening it for a healthy, fresh appearance. Over 50% of  Americans are unknowingly dehydrated; chugging down water will help release extra fluid retention around your cellulite deposits as well as the rest of your body! With all of these steps — give it time and have patience.

2. Dry Brush & Yoga


I learned about dry brushing from a Canadian friend a few years back when working in a health food store. She began dry brushing 5-7 days a week, and the transformation in her skin prompted me to ask what she had been doing. She explained to me that she was embarrassed by her dry skin and cellulite. She paired dry brushing with yoga and within about 2 months, she began to really boast some impressive improvements. Again, dry brushing stimulates change from the surface of the skin (removing dead skin cells), however, the internal benefits are even more impressive. Always dry brush in an upward motion towards your heart, this method helps stimulate great amounts of blood flow and energy as well. Improving blood circulation to your skin allows nutrients to make their way around the body easier, releases fatty deposits, and flushes toxins from the inside out.


3. Epsom Salt Slim-Down


One of the oldest tricks in the book. Over the last few years, people have forgotten about the wonders of Epsom Salt. Thankfully, we have Dr. Oz, who revives the importance of it on his show in at least 1 episode per season! Paired with a healthy and wholesome food intake, epsom salt baths will remove impurities from the inside out! This slimming salt has been known to work wonders, the key is consistency but don’t over do it with epsom – start 1-2x per week.

4. Squeeze It Away With Raw Juicing


One of my favorite ways to detox the entire body and ignite an energetic fire is through raw juicing. You can find recipes all over the internet, (and books in every bookstore) on simple detox recipes. You can target your whole body and stick to a favorite juice daily, or switch it up with a recipe for your kidneys or liver. Once you stick to a consistent juicing regimen, your ” lymph”atic system begins to clear out and purge all the unwanted waste that has built up over the years. It’s time to take out the garbage!


5. Killer Fish…Oil


My favorite brand of Fish Oil is Carlson’s Liquid (Lemon or Orange Flavor). You need good, healthy fats to expel the body of the toxic, infested bad ones. Omega 3’s help maintain proper fatty acid balance which, over time, leads to regeneration of youthful tissue and aids in regulating hormones. Smooth skin, please!

6. Lift Weights & Healthy Habits


Yes girls, women, ladies… lifting weights is a necessity. Strengthen your connective tissue, tone lean muscle, and burn the cellulite away.

We crave bodies like some of Instagram’s latest fitness models. But if all we do is run on the treadmill and do a few crunches, it may be difficult for some of us to achieve the ultimate picture we have painted for ourselves.

But honestly forget that- do it for you.

Lifting heavy weights and having a great, healthy diet plan will rid your body of unwanted fat and make you look trim and lean — not bulky. The more muscle you develop, the more fat that is burnt as energy during your workouts. Just like a car uses gasoline to run its engine, the body uses fat as one of its sources to fuel the body. Dumbbells, barbells, and kettle bells are perfect tools to help demolish those disastrous dimples.


Eliminating the body of cellulite takes time. You will not see results the next day, or even the next week.

Stick to a program that works best for you, take some or all of these tips, implement them into your daily routine, and give it a few months to truly see results.

Be honest with yourself, take before pictures and save them. Every few months, follow up with new pictures and compare your progress to date.

If you realize you are having a hard time staying consistent, then cut down on the amount of tips you have chosen to adopt. Pick 1 or 2 and add on slowly over time as you become more comfortable with your new system, a healthy diet is a great place to start!

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