The Professionals Guide to Being a Potato!

October 3, 2018 12:08 am

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Ahhh Let the coveted  potato debate begin

Sweet potatoes keep busy not only through exercising but also in other aspects of life, always chasing their dreams, finding ways to better themselves, constantly thinking of new ways to progress as a human orrrrr.. potato.

Couch Potatoes spend most of their time getting baked (ironic) but true (kind of also very funny).

Couch potatoes tell themselves every day that “they are starting fresh”, getting back on their “grind”.

Couch potatoes make empty promises to themselves and usually only exercise the day after Thanksgiving and the first 2 days of the New Year.

 Sweet Potatoes are sexy, with a zest for life. I mean have you ever seen one before? If not click here >___________<

Sweet Potatoes have style, the fancier ones are cinnamon sprinkled with a hint of pink Himalayan sea salt; the only way to describe it is absolutely deliciously glorious.

Our red friends enjoy networking. They don’t mind rubbing potato skins with other like-minded sweets to make some big moves, take action and collaborate.

They  make a huge effort to eat with a nutritious conscience mindset and work towards a total lifestyle change

SP’s focus on 2 big C words….. CONSISTENCY & COMMITMENT

Couch potatoes could be sexy. They really could- but they are missing that flavor, that fire.

Couchies, short for couch potatoes – don’t try to alter their eating habits for the better.

Look one time I walked in on a Couch Potato and caught them butter handed…I’ll never forget this.

So I saw him going up and down, up and down, up and down again on their recliner- opening and closing the couch extending back and forward.

I walked out quickly embarrassed and not sure what the CP was actually doing.

It wasn’t until later when he texted me explaining himself that I realized.

(insert fake iPhone text convo) lmao

Couch Potatoes expect to see progress in their abdominals from reclining the couch up and down – that’s their idea of an ab workout.

Sweet potatoes are best complemented with a beautiful glaze of coconut oil…

While Couch potatoes are smothered in butter…

Sweet potatoes take control of their finances, figuring out how to budget properly from week to week and set themselves up with a financial advantage..sweet potatoes biggest expense is wholesome food due to exercise fatigue and eating every few hours.

Couch potatoes don’t work, or if they do work, they live paycheck to paycheck spending their money on reckless and unneeded expenses.

Couch potatoes biggest expense is food, drinking, gambling, more food, and a lack

Did I mention food.. usually generated from or by having the munchies

Sweet potatoes are optimistic, happy for others and enjoy watching them achieve success.

They use social media as an outlet to inspire or simply just spread positivity.

Couch potatoes are pessimistic and are not concerned with anyone else but themselves.

They use social media as an outlet to theatrically b*tch and moan about their day’s Series of Unfortunate Events.

Whether you are a Sweet Potato or a Couch Potato you can choose to be whatever you want in life … As long as you are truly happy with who you are and where you are going…that’s all that matters.

However, with that being said I am going to stick with being a Sweet Potato, drizzled in coconut oil, with some sprinkled cinnamon, and maybe a dash of sea salt too…and then eat myself…but that would be weird… you are what you eat though right? so that would be fine… ok ok I’m done..bye

FrankNote: Thank you, dad, for inspiring me to write this post… after coming home today with 3 bags of sweet potatoes

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